Head Coach Stephen Patterson

gbr United Kingdom
Current Team
GB Development Team, GB Slowpitch Team
Player Information
Name Stephen Patterson Height 6’0
GB Player Since: I qualified through Trials in 2000 Throws Right
Born in
United States
Bats Right
Positions Infielder, but now Head Coach Playing Softball Since 1982
I grew up in New England, where I played a range of sports, including softball. I moved to the UK in 1995 to support the ski and snowboard industry. In 1999, I discovered that softball existed in Britain and helped start the Brighton Beachcombers Softball Club.

I then began playing competitive “A grade”softball, and attended GB Slowpitch Team trials in 2001 and made the team that was selected for the 2002 European Championships in Mlade Buky and the first ISF Slowpitch World Cup that same year.

I enjoyed being a core member of the GB Team from 2002 through 2010 and captained the team from 2005 onwards. In both 2004 and 2006, I knocked in the tying and go-ahead runs in the European Championship finals and semi-finals, respectively. In 2011, however, I made the “difficult decision to step down from the captainship and from the Team to focus on coaching, turning my attention to infield, communication and development.”

I met my wife through the game, as she was a leading member of the Irish Team in 2004 (Austria). We have two children and currently live in Dublin, Ireland.

I relish the opportunity to put on the GB jersey at every occassion and thoroughly enjoy each opportunity we have to play ball and promote the game.

When I’m not playing softball, I love to travel and spend time with my family and and chilling out with our chocolate labrador, Woody.

I’ve been playing softball since 1982, then in the USA, and competed in tournaments up and down the East Coast and into the MidWest. Our teams were very good regionally, where we were invited to a number of the larger events.

I had some terrific years in the last decade with Dragons, but have enjoyed starting up and developing H2O softball.

H20 is one of the most successful clubs of the last 9 years, winning a truckload of tournaments across the UK. We have yet to gain the win the National Championships event, but are a 4 – time winner of the National Softball League. We have had a culture of finding new talent and progressing them to GB standard.

In Single Sex competitions, I play with the Men’s team Puppies.

In terms of highlights, there have been many…. I would definitely say the pinnacle highlight(s) have been lifting the European trophies and the feeling you get when you achieve that goal. As a coach it is seeing plays being made that you worked on in training or discussed strategically.

As a player, there’s not much better than making a diving catch of a line drive or turning a key double play. Two of my fondest memories were with players on my current GB squad. We were playing against a US base team in Lakenheath and Danny Gunn and I turned five double plays in a 7 inning game and a few years back I hit a Grand Slam to straight away centre field off Dan Spinks after he stung me with a “Ginger pitch”.

I am really pleased with our two most recent international competitions. To go undefeated in the 2013 European Championships in Pardibuce was a terrific milestone to accomplish in my first year as Head Coach. To follow that with a Silver Medal in the ISF World Cup in Florida in 2014 was extremely rewarding. Both teams were of a different make-up, but showed tremendous character both on and off the field.